Financial Information


All financial obligations to the school must be met each quarter for the student to receive credit for classes taken and to register for the next quarter.  Likewise all library books must be returned.  Payment must be made on all fines and lost books.  Arrangements for payment deferment are to be made with the school office before the quarter begins.


A three quarter-unit undergraduate or graduate course for academic credit is $80.00 per unit, or $240.00 per course per quarter. The student’s spouse may take the same course at the same time for half price ($40.00 per unit or $120.00 per course).

Auditors may attend BCBC lectures without receiving academic credit.  The audit fee for one three-unit course is $210.00 per course per quarter.  Auditors do not receive any course materials (e.g. audio tapes, course syllabi or other course handouts).

Registration fee is $15.00 per quarter, for both credit and audit courses taken.  This is per quarter, not per course, and is non-refundable.  Students who register late will be charged an additional $45.00 (non-refundable) late registration fee.  Students enrolling for the first time are also required to fill out an application and pay a $30.00 application fee.