Degrees Offered

We offer the Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. Within that degree, we offer three areas of ministry concentration:

  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Christian Education
  • Christian Counseling

Although we are not accredited, the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) recognizes our college program. Our Bachelor of Arts graduates have been accepted into the Master of Arts and Master of Divinity degree programs at Western Seminary (San Jose, CA), Talbot School of Theology (La Mirada, CA) and Gateway Seminary (previously known as Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary), to name just a few.

All B.A. degree students are required to successfully complete 186 quarter units of instruction in the following areas:

General Studies:                54 units minimum
Biblical Studies:                 27 units minimum
Theological Studies:        27 units minimum
Ministry Studies:                27 units minimum

General Studies include English grammar and composition, nine courses on the Christian impact on society and one course from each of three general areas: Humanities/Fine Arts, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Mathematics/Natural Sciences.

We also offer the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree program in Biblical Studies for graduate level students with an undergraduate Biblical degree.  This degree requires successful completion of 15 graduate level core courses for 45 quarter units, prepare an acceptable thesis/project for 6 quarter units. Students without undergraduate Hebrew or Greek must make up the Hebrew and/or Greek requirements as a prerequisite to enter the graduate program.