Frequently Asked Questions

What is your school all about?

The Bay Cities Bible College is a conservative, evangelical bible college for working adults.  We offer our courses on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, meeting once a week for 2 ½ hours.


What programs does your school offer?

At Bay Cities, we offer the Bachelor of Arts degree program in Biblical Studies, with optional areas of concentration in Pastoral Ministry and Christian Education.  We also offer the Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies.  Our degree programs are approved by the Association of Christian Schools, International (ACSI).

In addition to our degree programs, Bay Cities also offers ACSI approved continuing education units in Bible and Theology for ACSI teacher certification, for those teaching in ACSI accredited Christian schools.  Bay Cities is a member college of ACSI.


Where is your school located?

Our main campus is at 1712 Alcatraz Avenue in Berkeley, using the facilities of Progressive Baptist Church.  We offer all of our courses there, including Biblical Studies, General Studies, Systematic Theology, Biblical Languages, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Education and Christian Counseling.  We also offer classes in San Francisco (at Park Presidio Bible Church, 856 Cabrillo Street) and in Fremont (at Fremont Asian Christian Church, 39829 Paseo Padre Parkway).


How much does it cost to attend your school?

At Bay Cities, we make Bible College affordable.  Our tuition for academic credit is only $80 per unit, which works out to $240 for a 3-unit course.  Auditors only pay $70 per unit, which works out to $210 for a 3-unit course.  If you and your spouse attend the same class together at the same time, one of you gets to attend at half-price, or $120 for a 3-unit course.  In addition, there is a $30 one-time application, $15 quarterly registration fee, and additional fees for late registration or late payments.  All in all, we think you’ll find that the Bay Cities Bible College offers a quality theological education at an affordable price.


What are your instructors like?

Faculty members must have at least a seminary master’s degree.  Our faculty members come from a variety of conservative graduate schools, such as Dallas Theological Seminary, Western Seminary, Talbot School of Theology and Denver Seminary.  A third of our faculty members have earned doctorates from accredited institutions.


Is your school accredited?

Although Bay Cities is not accredited, our Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree programs have been approved by the Association of Christian Schools, International (ACSI).  Because we follow ABHE academic guidelines, our Bachelor of Arts degree graduates are routinely accepted into Master’s degree programs at top evangelical seminaries such as Western Seminary and Gateway Seminary of Northern California.