“It is a very good choice for an affordable education with an excellent staff of teachers and administrators.” – Gordon T. (Current: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministry)

“Professors and classmates were very supportive. We shared our joys and concerns and pray for one another. It’s very helpful and edifying to study in a small group after class!” – Robeang C. (Alumni: Class of 2014)

“Amazing! I love the intimate class settings and the ability to know and build relationships with classmates and teachers.” – Elyse P. (Alumni: Class of 2017)

“Today there seems to be a trend to minimize the necessity for Bible College and Seminary. Don’t neglect your studies. Don’t ever let anyone tell you it is unimportant. A good teacher is a good student first.” – John O. (Alumni: Class of 2013)

“An excellent school to grow in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ and his Word!” – Earl P. (Current: Personal Spiritual Enrichment)

“Bay Cities is a great school and one of the greatest around as far as faculty. It has been the best courses, the best prices and faculty from the best seminaries in the country.” – John V. (Alumni: Class of 1987)

“Extremely pleased with the courses, material and course instructors. Classes are convenient for me during the week.” – Saga L. (Current: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies)

“Appreciate every moment! The professors do this out of love and it is very special!” – Scott S. (Alumni: Class of 2014)

“It’s a good place to learn and grow in your spiritual journey.” – Donald J. (Current: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies)

“Appreciated the dedication of the professors. For each of them it is the love of God’s Word that motivates them to teach. Take advantage of the professor’s knowledge and experience to grow in your own faith.” – Brian T. (Alumni: Class of 2009)

“Very informative and it has helped me become more spiritually grounded and confident in God’s Word.” – Jasmine R. (Current: Personal Spiritual Enrichment)